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Enrika is a talented photographer, who didn’t know how to market herself.
While she is highly professional in her own field, she needed help to market her services.
The artist had almost no budget, but I believe that money doesn't have to limit creativity.
We stuck to a very clear brief: it had to be minimalistic, to have logic & a functional layout.

Knowing how minimalistic architects are I turned to a Japanese graphic designer for help with the logo. I created a symmetrical layout and used editorial composition.
I also took care of the systematising and the selection of images for the portfolio, as this was a struggle for the photographer. I could be objective whereas the client was subjective due it being her creative work - especially as there were about three thousand images.
Luckily many years of editorial experience gave me the understanding of what to do and which criteria to use.

The job done:

- Logo
- Portfolio systematising & editing
- Copywriting
- Web design
- Marketing consultation

As a result this portfolio website now constantly brings new solid clients and bookings for the photographer. I feel very happy for her success and my modest input into it.

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